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  1. D8viid
  2. JayBJay
    who else is here?
  3. JayBJay
  4. Astheal
    Astheal Chamallow13
    Hello, for whatever reason I can not see the type box for replying in forum. The manga you're looking for is Kono ore ga omae something something (forgot lol) by ogawa chise. I had a hard time believing that such cute manga come from the same mangaka who publish caste heaven -_-!!!
  5. Joelson Mendeiro
    Joelson Mendeiro
    My names is Jaimer, Jaimer Titular
  6. nsrinaaa
  7. nsrinaaa
  8. Crystfallen weeb
    Crystfallen weeb
    I sold my soul to metal and anime
  9. Norma1998
  10. Norma1998
    Please remove thishttps://myreadingmanga.info/terere-pinthiku-yumemiru-megami-dreaming-goddess-yuri-ice-dj-eng/
  11. WhyDoThey
    WhyDoThey MRM Mod
    1. WhyDoThey
      if you can see this -Do Not Read
      Oct 25, 2017
  12. II P A N D U H II
    II P A N D U H II
    Fwip, Swish, Schlup~
  13. Mint
    the gayest forum the best forum
  14. Xtian
    Please I would much appreciate it for the uploader please
  15. Xtian
    Hello can someone upload the full version of Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's Perfect Body 1,2,3 im very disappointed thatI cant find any
  16. CCCSammy
    Can Somebody please update more Akai Shuuichi x Furuya Rei, they are really are popular, also can someone also post Scotch x Furuya Rei.
  17. gemini
    call me Angst
  18. morikawa toshiyuki
    morikawa toshiyuki
    yaoi is forever :)
  19. Keito Kujouri
    Keito Kujouri
    Konnichiwa Minnasan!!!
  20. Tamara
    Yaoi is life. Life is yaoi