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January 9, 2018: Image Error update

Discussion in 'Site Related' started by MRM Mod, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. grimes

    grimes New Member

  2. mobojisan

    mobojisan New Member

  3. Aqayla

    Aqayla New Member

    Can i ask why all the old manga image would not show up....i'm so stressed because i want to read it.. Please fix it asap! T-T
  4. monkey_shrimp004

    monkey_shrimp004 New Member

    im really sorry if i put too mamy links. I know there are so many more stpries you guys have to fix, ive just recently really gotten into bnha stories like these, so i just wanted to make sure that they got fixed soon. thank you so much to everyone who is helping out with fixing the issue!! keep up the hard work :)))
    (also i just wanted to mention that most of the my hero academia stories are like this, mostly kiribaku and todobaku)
  5. AlwaysUseLube

    AlwaysUseLube New Member

    The majority of Fate/grand order, Fate/stay night, and Fate Zero are also jacked up, I wanna say like at least 80% have the error. Does anyone know what caused this?
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  6. Akuma

    Akuma New Member

    The majority of Touken Ranbu Dj also have error in the images :( I realized a few days ago, almost all of those that I have opened have error, did something happen?

  7. purafollia

    purafollia New Member

  8. Kvmatsu

    Kvmatsu New Member

    Ahhh that's a good one. I wonder what's happening.
  9. 김다룽

    김다룽 New Member

  10. Nero Karoko

    Nero Karoko New Member

    Please check this too https://myreadingmanga.info/kamon-saeko-hageshi-torai-shimashou-ka-eng/
  11. djkdkdns

    djkdkdns New Member

  12. djkdkdns

    djkdkdns New Member

  13. thatoneyeen

    thatoneyeen New Member

  14. Carlos

    Carlos New Member

  15. Ksd

    Ksd New Member

  16. I got the voodoo

    I got the voodoo New Member

  17. Toshiekah

    Toshiekah New Member

  18. Ebo0209

    Ebo0209 New Member

    Thanks for at least replying to our concerns. Please add all of the Hidoku Shinai de series, that would be great.
    Thank you!
  19. Nanak Dar

    Nanak Dar New Member

  20. Bluebrebie

    Bluebrebie New Member

    Hello almost all of the scan in english and some in japanese of Ponkotsu-ki are without images.

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