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Lost a good Manga

Discussion in 'Manga' started by TokoCoco, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. TokoCoco

    TokoCoco New Member

    So i read this a while back and it was an ongoing manga( i think) and I would love to see if it ever got updated. I only remember a few points of the story.

    So there is a long black haired guy who gets kidnapped by a guy with voluminous medium light colored hair (i think) he then becomes this guys servant. At first he is mean then becomes a little gentler but talks about how he cant be nice because he's keeping the guys for revenge. We find out later that the black haired guys' family did something horrible to the light haired guy's family. The black haired guy's family was all murdered in the past and he is the only person left (he doesnt know any of this until later).

    At some point they kind of fall for each other and sleep together a couple of times. The black haired guy after some plot is told to kill the light haired guy and run away which he is conflicted to do so because the light haired guy had been stabbed before and he was crying.

    Their body types were thin framed but each were very beautiful. The clothing style was very drapey.

    Low key this is all I can rememebr.
  2. Noiz

    Noiz New Member

    Almost reminds me of ai no kusabi-almost but idk I actually dont remember a lot about ai no kusabi sorry it reminds me of some others but Im not definite on them either

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