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Problem with pictures's order

Discussion in 'Site Related' started by IceSlimGuys, May 27, 2019.

  1. IceSlimGuys

    IceSlimGuys New Member

    Hi everyone !

    So i'm juste here to say that there is an issue with the pictures's order in this CG


    So i've would like to know if it's possible to fix the order either by replacing the current post by my files (who have the right order) or by reorder the files by yourself... I don't know witch one option you will prefer

    keep me informed of what you plan to do!

    @MRM Mod
  2. MRM Mod

    MRM Mod Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, is it with GIFs file? As we received the GIFs is show first, but it's too heavily to load so we moved it to page 4.

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