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Social Justice Warriors on the site

Discussion in 'General' started by Nonobi, May 17, 2019.

  1. Nonobi

    Nonobi New Member

    Look guyz, the disqus thread of each yaoi is full of toxic social justice warrior.

    Myreading manga does not care but I think that ESPECIALLY in porn, and in comics, we should be free from being told what is right or wrong to like.

    Porn is the last place where we can be free, if social justice warrior win, then it is freedom of speech that dies!

    Myreading manga banned me while I was being assaulted by a social justice warrior.
    this is the contrary of logic!

    Anyway, I hope for all of you guyz to fight these toxic people, this is an everyday struggle

    good luck to eveyone
  2. likalaruku

    likalaruku New Member

    SJWs are hypocrites. They like ugly tumblr art style for women & got guys, the lesbian & trans claim to have eachother's backs but are constantly at eachother's throats over lack of inclusion, the lesbians discriminate against gays for being white & male, the tropes they call problematic in yaoi are ALL present in bara, & no amount of whining in english to readers will make Japanese-speaking mangaka change the way they do things.

    Tell them that softcore Korean BL & Chinese webtoons will be more to their liking, more modern & less "problematic" for them as they use entirely different tropes. Chinese webtoons especially, as they tend to have a more light-hearted, less acidic take on love knowing no gender & their use of completely serious trans characters not used for comedy, & even having lesbian couples in BL series.

    This will usually pique their interest & make them abandon their fruitless rants. Whereas scolding them for complaining about things that won't change tends to lead to long arguments & attempts to get eachother banned.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019

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