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Uncomura/Uncopu Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by oreomini, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. oreomini

    oreomini New Member

    I'd like to talk about one certain author. One whose art apparently loved by wide audience, accompanied with great plot. One which is on par with bubunhanten, bb (ume) and other great sensei. They are great, but unlike them this author has one certain issues which hasn't solved for months:

    Most of this great author doujinshi hasn't been translated YET

    Reading most of its raw, I am almost certain its charm of art and plotline appeal to some of translator. But, the reality is so harsh. One by one the uploaded raw waiting for translation hasn't been translated yet.

    Thus, I'd like to open this thread to raise awareness for this great (untranslated) art.

    Please let me know if anyone could translate it. I would so glad to edit it into the chapter.

    (sorry for the drama, but seriously I need to read'em good doujins)

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