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Discussion in 'New Member Forum' started by MRM Mod, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Shiyono

    Shiyono New Member

    Can't believe there's a Forum now!
    It's time to share my collections :)
  2. ChaosTangent

    ChaosTangent New Member

    hi! i'm joining the forums for now, actually i love the site and i consider myself straight hehehe.. :p
  3. Dennis Rae

    Dennis Rae New Member

    what a wonderful site thank you i will explore read rules and enjoy the amazing content thank you
  4. shotaboy

    shotaboy New Member

    hello im new
  5. shotaboy

    shotaboy New Member

    hey i love BL
  6. shotaboy

    shotaboy New Member

    hello how are you
  7. I_Got_The_GOODZ

    I_Got_The_GOODZ New Member

    Is this... Haven?
  8. After_Hours_Angel

    After_Hours_Angel New Member

    Hello~ New to the forum, but long time lurker of MRM. <3
  9. Asiuol

    Asiuol New Member

    Whaaaaaaaaat I never knew there was a forum!! Hai all, I’m glad to be here!
  10. goodall

    goodall New Member

    Thank you and hello :)
  11. AsuiYunaChan

    AsuiYunaChan New Member

    Hello i'm new here.Can somone help me how to use this plz and thank you.!!!
  12. YuuZhan

    YuuZhan New Member

    Hi everyone ! Salut tout le monde ! I'm happy to find out that the site have a forum !

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